The Resonance Collection

This body of work was created for my Senior Show while studying Illustration and New Pictures at Seattle Pacific University, in 2011. The whole collection was purchased in full, and then donated to the Mark Rypien Foundation to be displayed at the new pediatric wing at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA. A few images from this collection have also been used in a ASL textbook, published in 2014. 

Materials: wood, coffee, tea, wine, bee’s wax, victory wax, wood burning tool, walnut ink, Q-tips, withdrawn library books, A Rolling Stone Braille Magazine, thread, nails. 

Alexie Hoffman
Artist Statement | Spring Exhibit at SPAC 2011

How do these funny-shaped yet, beautifully formed funnels on the sides of our heads collect and decipher information? If we have the capacity to hear, then how and why are these translated vibrations misunderstood? If we do not have the capacity to hear or see, how do we then sift through language and communication in a manner that yields meaning? Furthermore, how have new forms of digital communication hindered the way we hear others on a personal, everyday level? Do we even hear others at all?

This investigation of conditions hearing vs. being heard has culminated into a body of work that now also reflects ideas of insiders | outsiders, lightness | darkness, language | communication, binding | buildup, and receptivity | frequency. We all deal with issues of hearing or being heard either directly or indirectly, and on a daily basis the challenges of true “hearing” inform and shape our culture, history, and circumstances. As humans we have become expert information managers. I am interested in how the information systems we have created - such as braille, sign language and frequency charts – attain precise quality, and how they mesh into the oscillations of the everyday. 

Our internal organization of information and communication, along with the oscillations that occur inside of those structures, are where I find beauty. 

On a rudimentary level, the vibrations in life are what inspire and separate us. Vibrations bring about that mysterious yet friendly ‘hummmm”-- that murmur between light and dark we all linger in. Certain principles of binding and buildup (represented through books and thread, wood stained with conversational beverages-coffee, tea, wine- as well as wax) tap into our personal narratives. 

Through learning to appreciate alternate forms of communication that have come into existence to bless and aid the deaf and blind, I have gained a new appreciation for hearing and sight. My hope is that this show gives you the space to reflect and inspires you to move forward with your eyes and ears open and tuned. 

I am currently inspired by the work of Ann Hamilton, Vik Muniz, Dario Robleto, Evan Mann and Shahzia Sikander. 

Images provided by Lexie Hoffman.  All rights reserved.